April '09

Jun. 9th, 2009 11:12 pm
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April '09: 19 - 25

April 19;
TV Show: In Plain Sight
Episode: 2.01 - Gilted Lily
Goal: 116/400 (29% Complete)
About: US Marshals Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann come back together to help another witness.
Quote: "Actually, I'm in a really good mood. Which is kind of weird considering where I was 48 hours ago. Then I had a witness off herself and, like that is not bad enough, I've got to play second fiddle to a knucklehead like you." -Mary "Thanks for lumping me in with kidnapping, attempted rape and suicide. Can't tell you how much that means." -Marshall

One bushel of wheat can make enough sandwiches that you could eat three sandwiches a day for over six months.

April 20;
TV Show: Chuck
Episode: 2.21 - Chuck Versus the Colonel
Goal: 117/400 (29.25% Complete)
About: Chuck and Sarah go AWOL in their search for Chuck's kidnapped father, so Casey is ordered to pursue and return them after being promoted to Colonel. Meanwhile, Emmet promotes Morgan to assistant manager against his will.
Quote: "I'll, I'll sleep on the floor." -Chuck "No, it's okay." -Sarah "Why are you doing this?" -Chuck "Because the floor is gross and I'm not gonna make you sleep on it." -Sarah
TV Show: Bones
Episode: 4.22 - The Double Death of the Dearly Departed
Goal: 118/400 (29.5% Complete)
About: A Jeffersonian coworker dies of heart failure. While at the coworker's wake, Brennan sees the body and is convinced the death was no accident. Brennan asks Booth to help her steal the body so she can further examine it, and an odd mystery surrounding the coworker's cause of death unfolds.
Quote: "Say someone enters and desires to gaze upon the visage of their dead relative one more time, in a vain effort to say goodbye to someone who can neither see nor hear them because there's no such thing as a soul-" -Bones "Bones, just- ju- Bones, Bones. Just give him a reason not to show the body." -Booth "We are encountering fluid seepage at the moment, and the body is not available for viewing, just now." -Bones

There are over 600 different pasta shapes.

April 21;

Pepper was sold as individual grains during the Elizabethan times. The guards at the London docks had to sew up their pockets so they would not steal any of the pepper.

April 22;

Ten radishes only contain eight calories.

April 23;

If a raisin is dropped into a glass of champagne it will bounce up and down in the glass.

April 24;
Movie: Monsters Vs. Aliens
Goal: 12/50 (24% Complete)
Genre: Science Fiction/Animation/Family
About: After Susan Murphy (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) is struck by a meteor and grows to be 50-feet tall, she's captured by the government and shuttled to a secret compound where she meets a team of other monsters -- soon to be Earth's only defense when an alien attacks. Under orders from the president (Stephen Colbert), Susan and her cohorts Dr. Cockroach (Hugh Laurie), the Missing Link (Will Arnett) and B.O.B. (Seth Rogen) set out to save the world.
Quote: "Might we ask for your name, madam?" - Dr. Cockroach "Susan. " -Susan "No, we mean like your monster name. You know, what do people scream when they see you coming? Like "Look out! Here comes...?" " -B.O.B. "Susan. " -Susan
My Thoughts: I didn't get to see this in 3D which was disappointing and then to top that off, it has all these amazing actors involved and the movie was just...blah.

TV Show: Bones
Episode: 4.23 - The Girl in the Mask
Goal: 119/400 (29.75% Complete)
About: Brennan and Booth investigate after Sachi, the sister of Booth's detective friend Ken from Japan, goes missing, only months after arriving in the U.S. After Sachi's decapitated head is found, Ken joins Brennan and Booth to help solve her murder.
Quote: "Why would someone cut the head off a body here and drive miles away to dispose of the head here?" -Cam "I rarely find motive in bird vomit." -Hodgins

In Australia, the average person uses 876 gallons of water daily. In Switzerland they use only 77 gallons of water per person daily.

April 25;
Title: The Pirate Next Door
Author: Jennifer Ashley
Goal: 12/60 (20% Complete)
Pages: 342
Genre: Historical Romance
About: Pirates add a dash of outlaw excitement and irresistible allure to two smart and lively new romances.
Alexandra Alastair's new next-door neighbor, Grayson Finley, is nothing like the other men on her list of potential second husbands. Rescuing Grayson from ruffians, and then discovering that he not only has a young daughter but a pirate past, further convinces Alexandra that Grayson is far too different from the other respectable, suitable men on her list to ever be considered as proper husband material. But despite her best intentions, Alexandra discovers she can't stay away from the distractingly sexy nobleman, even if it means helping him battle a long-standing rival and find the whereabouts of a missing French king.
My Thoughts: Love love love Finley. I was surprised with how humorous parts of this book were, definitely a pleasant surprise.

Back in 1953, it took 27 hours to make one Marshmallow Peep. Now it takes only six minutes.


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Ms. Communication

You know spies...

"I never run around in the bushes in a ski mask when I’m breaking in some place. Somebody catches you, what are you going to say? You want to look like a legitimate visitor until the very last minute. If you can’t look legit, confused works just as well. Maybe get a soda from the fridge or a yogurt. If you’re caught, you just act confused and apologize like crazy for taking the yogurt; nothing can be more innocent."
-Michael Westen (Burn Notice)

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