June '10

Jul. 1st, 2010 08:41 pm
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June '10: ?? - 30

June 30;
Title: The Dark Hills Divide
Author: Patrick Carman
Goal: 59/60 (98 1/3% Complete)
Pages: 251
Genre: Children's Lit/Fantasy
About: Inquisitive twelve-year-old Alexa Daley is spending another summer in the walled town of Bridewell. This year, she is set on solving the mystery of what lies beyond the walls. Legend says the walls were built to keep out an unnamed evil that lurks in the forests and The Dark Hills. But what exactly is it that the townspeople are so afraid of? As Alexa begins to unravel the truth, pushing beyond the protective barrier she's lived behind all her life, she discovers a strange and ancient enchantment - and exposes a danger that could destroy everything she holds dear.
My Thoughts: Imaginative and thoroughly enjoyable. Alexa is a truly likeable and relate-able character for all ages. She's witty, caring, intelligent and most importantly unique. I devoured this book in under a day and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

TV Show: In Plain Sight
Episode: 3.13 - A Priest Walks Into a Bar
Goal: 001/200 (0.5% Complete)
About: After a priest witnesses the murder of the daughter of a parishoner, he enters WITSEC and leaves the clergy. Brandi and Peter decide to live together.
Quote: "You're going to have to give up being a priest." -Marshall "Thank God." -Witness

Your throat is tight, you can't breathe; another kiss is all you need.

It appears I got lost for about a year. Am I back? Possibly.

Misery is company because I know that it's real.


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Ms. Communication

You know spies...

"I never run around in the bushes in a ski mask when I’m breaking in some place. Somebody catches you, what are you going to say? You want to look like a legitimate visitor until the very last minute. If you can’t look legit, confused works just as well. Maybe get a soda from the fridge or a yogurt. If you’re caught, you just act confused and apologize like crazy for taking the yogurt; nothing can be more innocent."
-Michael Westen (Burn Notice)

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